Shekerdgijnitsa (sweet shop)

The cafe in the style of the Bulgarian Revival is enchanting for both Tryavna people and for the guests of the city. It is located in the Centre of Tryavna, opposite Daskalov House. The revival of the Renaissance Tryavna style, the sand coffee, the lemonade in glass bottles and the cakes, which are made by old Bulgarian recipes are an irresistible attraction for anyone who sets foot in Tryavna. 


The atmosphere

Inside – old couches, covered with patterned colourful rugs, the low round tables with woven and embroidery tablecloths and three-legged chairs. 
Outside – the lively street with shops as in old Tryavna, three-legged coffee tables and chairs, with embroidery and woven tablecloths. 
The coffee is made in a pot on the sand, served in fildjani (old time coffee cups), the cupcakes are served in exquisite inscribed plates,  and the lemonade in old fashioned glass bottles as in old times. 

You can hardly find a cosier time machine. 


Pastries and coffee

The shekerdgijnitsa offers minty mint, sorbet halva, brown halva, damson cheese, sugar-candy, chorbadgijski candies, white jam, fondant flowers and roosters, macaroons, gingerbread, lemonade, sand coffee and many other handmade delights. 
The Chef - shekerdgia Pavlin Kolev makes the old Bulgarian recipes with inspiration and skill. He inherited the craft from his father. He studied it for years, and has a diploma issued from Etara – the place where a number of beautiful Bulgarian crafts are still preserved and practiced. 


- The Brown Halva, typical of the Tryavna region, is prepared by the old technology of making halva from ground baked sunflower seeds, walnut kernels and sugar.


- Sorbet halva – it has a rich, thick flavor; it is made from ground baked sesame seeds. 


- Pestil, the so-called „Gabrovo chocolate” is a Bulgarian delicacy, made without sugar, only from Karadgejki plumbs growing in this region. They are small, sweet and with an amazing taste.


- White jam – Pavlin Kolev makes it by an authentic family recipe, which is handed over from one generation to the next.  In old times, it was called “the jam of the rich” because only the wealthiest Bulgarians could afford it. The reason is that it is made from special high-quality sugar and rose water. In those times the sugar was more expensive than the gold.   


- Minty Mint – you have never tasted such candies anywhere else. To make it, the sugar is treated with vinegar and natural extract from mint oil and a lot of other ingredients are added. When the candies are ready they are cut with a special knife. They have a an amazing taste and flafour. 


- Chorbadgijski candies – the Chef-shekerdgia makes them with a lot of butter and sugar and some other ingredients, which we shall not reveal, but let you guess while the candies are melting in your mouth. 


- Fondant roosters and flowers – they are made from sugar mixture and natural dyes and aroma which are poured in raw rubber moulds, specially made for the purpose. Thus, they acquire their beautiful, fancy shape.